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Often overlooked, a properly installed asphalt parking lot can be the difference in gaining new customers and retaining clients loyal to your business. At Harrison, we work with every business like it’s our own. Our team of commercial paving specialists will develop a plan to not only create a beautiful parking lot surface, but can also provide strategic line striping to maximize your space and create the optimal traffic flow to guarantee your customers experience outside of your business meets the standard of service that you provide inside of it.

Line Striping | Bucks County PA

Line Striping

Proper line striping can make the difference between a standard parking lot and an efficient parking lot. At Harrison Paving Inc. we go beyond just simply creating clean lines. We assess every part of your commercial property taking into consideration space, traffic flow, entry ways, exits, main streets, side streets and surrounding businesses to develop a plan that will maximize parking and keep a constant flow of traffic through your lot and customers in your doors.

Sealcoating | Bucks County PA


Sealcoating is a great way to freshen up the look of your asphalt surface. However, beyond giving your parking lot a new look, sealcoating also provides anti skidding, anti-friction, and protection from elements like extreme temperatures, chemicals like oil, anti-freeze and snow salts, and UV rays that cause asphalt discoloration & fading.

Crack Filling | Bucks County PA

Crack Sealing/Filling

Crack Sealing and crack filling asphalt pavement is a common maintenance activity for Harrison Paving Inc. Special materials are placed into or above cracks to prevent the intrusion of water and other harmful material into the cracks to reinforce the pavement and provide a quick fix to an otherwise healthy surface. Weather, stress, and usage are just a few factors that can present the need for asphalt crack repairs and crack sealing. Addressing these issues quickly with the proper treatment can extend the life of your asphalt parking lot through the seasons.

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